Online Coastal Economic Resources
Basic Guide to Economic Concepts and Methods

Economic Valuation of Natural Resources: A Guidebook for Coastal Resources Policymakers

This online book is written for non-economists, addressing basic concepts of economic value and other tools often used in decision making.

Ecosystem Valuation

This Web site is designed for non-economists who "need answers to questions about the benefits of ecosystem conservation, preservation, or restoration and 'providing' a clear, non-technical explanation of ecosystem valuation concepts, methods, and applications."

Ecosystem Valuation

Environmental Valuation: Principles, Techniques, and Applications

NOAA Coastal Service Center

This website is found on NOAA's Coastal Services Center web site under Restoration Economics.

Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

Basic principles of economics with links to various methods can be found at NOAA's Ocean and Coastal Resource Management website.

Bibliographic References (including value estimates)

The National Ocean Economics Program's Non-Market Portal Valuation Studies

National Ocean Economics Program

Under its Valuation Studies, the NOEP Non-Market Values Portal has a searchable database of peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports, and working papers that contain estimates of the non-market value of coastal and marine resources in the United States.

NOAA's Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics

NOAA Coastal and Ocean Resource Economics

CORE projects include socioeconomic monitoring in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the first-ever nationwide estimate of participation rates in marine-related recreation activities, an extensive beach valuation effort in Southern California, and many other research activities.

Sportfishing Values Database

Sportfishing Values  Database

A searchable database that provides a detailed account of the contents of numerous recent non-market valuation studies. Included in the database is information from over 100 travel cost and contingent valuation studies of sportfishing activity. No articles more recent than 1995.

Beneficial Use Values Database (BUVD), UC Davis

A database of estimated use values and metadata from selected studies on the beneficial uses of fresh and coastal marine waters.

Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI)

Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory

A searchable database of the literature on the non-market value of ecosystem goods and services and environmental assets.

New South Wales E.P.A. EnValue


A searchable database of the literature on the non-market value of ecosystem goods and services and environmental assets. The focus of this data base is on assets of Australia and the surrounding region. Last updated in 2004.

Recreational Marine Research Center

This site contains industry data on marine boating (available only to members) and also a free searchable database of boating studies.

Data on Marine and Coastal Uses

The National Ocean Economics Program

National Ocean Economics Program

The NOEP provides a full range of the current and historical economic and socio-economic information available on changes and trends along the U.S. coast and in coastal waters. The site includes time-series information of economic and social indicators with clear definitions and descriptions for the coast and coastal ocean.

Spatial Trends in Coastal Socioeconomics (STICS)

The STICS Web site provides socioeconomic data by coastal area or watershed, as well as access to multiple tools that can be used to customize, analyze, and generate reports based on these data across time and space.

Coastal Information Directory (CID)

CID provides access to Web, library, and data resources relevant to coastal issues. The information can be browsed by library, data set, or pre-selected category.

NOAA Recreational Fishing Data

This site contains links to surveys, reports, and data on for-hire recreational fishing (i.e. charter passenger fishing vessels).

Marine Protected Areas Economics


Introduction to economics for MPA managers.

Nonmarket Valuation Tools

Social science methods for MPA's.