Our Research

Developing Economic Indicators of Coastal Health
Coastal healthFunded by grants from the Packard Foundation and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, these projects develop historical time series of indicator data for economic activities that are dependent upon environmental health in the Santa Monica Bay, Morro Bay and Elkhorn Slough estuaries. Time series data will be linked to ecological indicators to explore the influence of ecological change on economic activities. Read more about each project area:

Santa Monica Bay
Morro Bay

Elkhorn Slough

Surveying Coastal Users

Santa Monica Bay Private Coastal Uses Survey
Coastal usesThis research, funded by the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, uses online surveys of southern Californians to document the coastal use habits and expenditure patterns of coastal visitors in Southern California. We are working with Chris LaFranchi of Natural Equity to design and implement these surveys. Read more...

Private Coastal Uses in the Central Coast
Central Coast usesThis project, joint with Natural Equity, is funded by the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the California Policy Research Center. We are using an internet platform similar to that developed for the Santa Monica Bay coastal user study to develop spatial use data on private coastal users from Santa Cruz to Point Conception. Read more...

Quantifying Private Use Values in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Channel Island BoatersJoint with Natural Equity and funded by Resources Legacy Fund Foundation and NOAA, this project uses on site (at anchor) studies of boaters in the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary and an online survey to quantify private uses of the Channel Islands (e.g. private boating, kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching, etc.) in the Channel Islands and Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuaries. Read more...

Beach Research

The Economic Impacts of Climate-Driven Sea Level Rise on California Beaches
Sea Level RiseThis research, funded by the California Energy Commissionís Climate Change Center, will investigate how beach visitation and the associated market and non-market values of beach recreation are likely to change in Southern California given predictions about sea level rise in the region. The work is joint with Dr. Phil King of San Francisco State University. Read more...

The Economic Value of Beach Size in Southern California
Beach SizeThis research, funded by the California Department of Boating and Waterways, expands upon the models developed by the Southern California Beach Valuation Project to examine the economic impact of beach size and width in southern California. The research will inform a variety of policies designed to protect beaches and sources of beach sediments. Read more...

Bacterial Beach Contamination
Examining the public health consequences of bacterial beach water contamination in Southern California.

Economic Indicators of Coastal Health
Collecting economic indicator data in Elkhorn Slough, Morro Bay, and Santa Monica Bay California.

Recreational Saltwater Angling
Using the literature we examine participation, expenditure, and non-market value estimates of recreational saltwater angling.

Surfers at Trestles Beach
A web-based survey instrument was used to characterize the demographics, visitation patterns and expenditures of surfers who visit Trestles Beach in San Clemente, CA.

Methods for Surveying Private Coastal Users