Communities of Practice

Through the Community of Practice, practitioners share their workplans, draft and final surveys, preliminary results, and also final reports and when appropriate data. Practitioners interact with each other and the facilitator through mediated blogs, frequently asked questions, and email list-servs. The result is an online community where practitioners help to train each other, where new skills are acquired (especially by interacting with the facilitator and invited experts), and where a base of knowledge is developed – both knowledge of practice (e.g. how to collect the data /conduct a survey) and knowledge of data (e.g. how to interpret the economic data collected).

We have two new Communities of Practice:

Coral Reef Economics Community of Practice

Marine Sanctuaries Community of Practice (still under construction)

Both Communities of Practice include:

a. Project descriptions and webblinks to partners;
b. Password protected areas where members can share “in progress” research materials, methods, and workplans (for registered members of the community);
c. A web-log (blog) hosted by experts in the field;
d. An online guide to economic resources for coral reef economists, managers, and conservation professionals;
e. a downloadable and searchable library of journal articles and hard to find technical reports;
f. Online seminars with experts and project leaders (quarterly or semi-annually); and

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