About the Expedition
The Coastal Ocean Values Expedition

To achieve our mission, we are launching the Coastal Ocean Values Expedition (COVE). COVE is a first-of-its-kind expedition to raise awareness about and collect policy relevant economic indicator data on the economic value of our estuaries, bays, and oceans. Directed by Dr. Linwood Pendleton, COVE has three goals:

Raise public awareness of the economic importance of estuaries and coasts and the economic impacts of recreational use through public lectures given from the stern of our research vessel "Indicator" and through interviews with local and national media.

Train coastal management and restoration professionals to use economic information about estuaries, bays, and coasts by developing and implementing local and regional workshops with support from NOAA's Coastal Services Center and the National Ocean Economics Program.

Initiate the self-sustaining collection of economic indicators of marine and estuarine ecosystem health by working with the National Estuary Programs (NEPs), the National Estuary Research Reserves (NERRs), and the National Marine Sanctuaries (NMS) to initiate a national system of regularly collected local economic indicators of coastal ecosystem health. (Based on current research by Dr. Pendleton underway in the Elkhorn Slough (NERR), Morro Bay (NEP), and Santa Monica Bay (NEP)). We will work with the National Ocean Economics Program to collect, analyze, and disseminate the economic indicator data collected by our local partners. (Sample indicators from these sites include recreational angler days and expenditures, charter passenger vessel trips, beach and park visitation, annual bird watcher visitation, dredging volumes and costs, kayaking activity, and diver activity).
COVE is a real expedition involving visits to more than twenty major estuaries and marine sanctuaries in the United States and Caribbean. At the heart of the expedition is the research vessel "Indicator". The "Indicator", designed to serve as a model for environmentally-friendly power pleasure craft, will be outfitted to showcase sustainable and 'green' technologies and boating practices. Based in Ventura, California, the vessel will visit Southern California ports before being shipped east to continue on its voyage, visiting every major estuary and marine sanctuary program from Florida to Maine. A significant amount of time will be spent in all ports of call where we will collect data, meet and train with local agencies help establish our program, and showcase the vessel at major boat shows, local and national media outlets and for the general public.

Your support will help the Coastal Ocean Values Center retrofit our vessel to become one of the country's most environmentally friendly power pleasure craft. For your sponsorship, we will feature your logo prominently on our research vessel, "The Indicator", on our website, and in our literature. COVE will be documented for television and reports in the national media and in boating magazines. COVE and its plans for a green vessel already have been featured in the Robb Report Collection and have secured critical support and commitments of collaboration from NOAA, the National Ocean Economics Program, National Estuary Programs, National Estuary Research Reserves, The Ocean Foundation, Surfrider Foundation and Waterkeeper Alliance.